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At NinjaFoods, we are a Japanese Food Tech company based in Osaka, producer of Konjac-based NinjaPaste, the first ever natural food binder free of Gluten, Butter and Sugars! We offer solutions for diabetes and other dietary restrictions, with our low calorie snacks and healthy alternatives!
Initially founded as a medical clothes manufacturer for elderly patients in hospitals and healthcare facilities, we transitioned into the Healthy Food industry and have been active in changing people's lives for the better since 2020.
We strive to provide food alternatives, so that everyone can enjoy the pleasure of eating products they love.

Inspired by Japanese Traditions: NinjaPaste 

Our product "NinjaPaste" (NP) is an extremely healthy and powerful dietary binder, with unique properties that allow us to make various shapes and textures of foods. With NinjaPaste, we can make an unmeasurable number of different dishes, and it can be used in recipes as a binding alternative instead of sugars, wheat, dates or chocolate in snacks and desserts. NinjaPaste can also help bind your plant-based meat, to make it juicier and chewier.

What makes NinjaPaste truly special is 蒟蒻 (コンニャク、 Konjac), a Japanese traditional vegetable made mostly of fibers, and which is a sort of local yam potato. Native from Southeast Asia, Konjac has been cultivated for centuries in Japan, for both it's health benefits and high fiber content.

Konjac is simple
          • Zero carbs or fats + Rich in dietary fibers (glucomannan) = Super healthy!

Konjac has more than a 1000 years of history (some sources say +1500 years!), it is one of Japan's oldest cultivated vegetable.

Not well-known in Western countries, though it is slowly starting to be used in low-calorie foods and health supplements as it becomes more popular and appreciated among people. Usually, Konjac usage in food is limited to an already molded and firm jelly, usually eaten together with other ingredients in soups.

Nevertheless, Konjac by itself had been used for centuries by Japan's paper industry as a key component in making industrial glue. Konjac is sustainable, has strong binding properties and does not expire quickly, making it a perfect adhesive agent.
Though Konjac had been used traditionally in the industrial sector, no one had ever thought of applying the same process to food.
We are the only company in the world to have developed the technology to turn Konjac into a paste, so that it can be used in food products for its binding properties.